Kristy’s Photography is owned by Kristy Orange.  She is from Virginia.  Her interest in photography started in high school when taking photography classes as an elective.  As she continued this in college she grew more interested in the business.  Although this started out as a hobby of hers to help take her mind of things in life she grew to have a passion for sharing her photographs with others.  After several years of planning and gaining her experience through taking/editing pictures, in July of 2020, she decided to take the next step in starting her own photography business.  She wanted to give back to others what she has experienced through the lens of her camera with hopes that it would mean as much to them as it does her.  

Kristy’s Photography looks forward to providing photography services to you and your families. 

Kristy Orange/Kristy's Photography


Kristy’s Photography’s mission is to share and give the experience of the world to her clients as if they are there experiencing it in person. 


Kristy’s Photography’s vision is not only for her clients to experience the imagines as if they were there but to also gain lasting relationships with her clients.